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Zeller Lake

Zell am See Beach- Esplanade
Tel. 06542-72650

Beaches Schüttdorf - Seespitzstraße 9
Tel. 06542-57149

Beaches Thumersbach - Pocherweg
Tel. 06542-72355

Sailing and Surf school - Vettermann

"Learning how to sail & surf, where the world is the most beautiful". This is the motto of the sailing and surfing school, Harry Vettermann (ÖSV accredited). Sailing is a sport for every age. In a relaxed atmosphere you can learn the theory and praxis of a sailboat or surfboard in wind or storms and to be in control in every situation.
Harry Vettermann, an Olympic participant in Seville, and his team are there for you in any kind of weather.
Thumersbacherstr. 24 (Seecamp) Telephone: 06542-73724

Zeller Sailing School

Sociability also belongs to the program of the Wauggi sailing school as well as fundamental education in training & theory.  All licenses of the sailing federation can be made here.
Esplanade 4 - Tel. 0664-3364850

Scuba-diving School in Zell am See Seehotel Freiberg

The base can be found near the lake and diving hotel. The Zeller Lake, with a maximum depth of 70 meters, is known for its excellent water quality and its abundance of fish. In front of the base there are practice platforms which are 5, 10 and 15 meters deep and connected with ropes.
There are also some very old and well preserved wooden rowing boats which are worth seeing. The surface temperature of the water can rise up to 24° in the summer and drastically drops in depth depending on the season. Diving in the lake is subject to approval, however this formality is gladly taken over by the diving school. Ice-diving is also offered to the professionals in the winter. GREAT AIR!
Esplanade 22 - Tel. 0664-5036969

Kayak Center Zell am See - north shore

Kayaking opens a whole new perspective in adventure and nature. The crystal clear water of the Zeller Lake and the surrounding rivers offer ideal conditions.
Bergstraße 6 - Tel. 0664-3361487

Water-ski school - Edi Schwab

Beaches in Zell am See & Thumersbach - Telephone: 


Special Tip - Boat Rental

All around the Zeller Lake small canoes, pedal boats and electrical boats can be rented - ask about rentals.

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