30.08.2015 - morning
Temparature: 17°C/63°F
Sunshine: 100%
Freezing level: 4600
30.08.2015 - afternoon
Temparature: 29°C/84°F
Sunshine: 90%
Freezing level: 4600
31.08.2015 - Monday
Temparature: 29°C/84°F
Sunshine: 90%
Freezing level: 4300
01.09.2015 - Tuesday
Temparature: 23°C/73°F
Sunshine: 60%
Freezing level: 3800
Temparature: ↓
Sunshine: →
Freezing level: ↓


An area of high pressure is situated right over the Alps which will provide a magnificent Sunday! Today will therefore start clear and bright with a wonderful sunrise. Throughout the day we will get plenty of sunshine and high temperatures.


On Monday, it will remain nice and hot. On Tuesday thunderstorms will form.


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