28.11.2014 - morning
Temparature: 3°C/37°F
Sunshine: 50%
Freezing level: 2700
28.11.2014 - afternoon
Temparature: 9°C/48°F
Sunshine: 70%
Freezing level: 2800
29.11.2014 - Saturday
Temparature: 10°C/50°F
Sunshine: 80%
Freezing level: 3000
30.11.2014 - Sunday
Temparature: 8°C/46°F
Sunshine: 50%
Freezing level: 2700
Temparature: ↓
Sunshine: ↓
Freezing level: ↓


A strong southerly airflow accompanied by foehn winds will bring mild yet humid air masses today. The weather will remain dry, but bands of medium and high clouds will occasionally pass over our region.


This mild autumn weather will persist tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. On Monday, disturbances will bring cooler and more humid weather.


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