18.04.2015 - morning
Temparature: 8°C/46°F
Sunshine: 20%
Freezing level: 2000
18.04.2015 - afternoon
Temparature: 9°C/48°F
Sunshine: 50%
Freezing level: 2100
19.04.2015 - Sunday
Temparature: 10°C/50°F
Sunshine: 70%
Freezing level: 2200
20.04.2015 - Monday
Temparature: 11°C/52°F
Sunshine: 80%
Freezing level: 2300
Temparature: ↑
Sunshine: →
Freezing level: ↑


In the morning, we are going to see thick clouds and light showers before the weather becomes more settled in the afternoon. The clouds will clear to leave brighter and even sunny spells.


The next days will be average. There will be variable amounts of clouds, but only a few showers and sunshine at times. Temperatures will become higher.


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