31.03.2015 - morning
Temparature: 8°C/46°F
Sunshine: 40%
Freezing level: 2300
31.03.2015 - afternoon
Temparature: 4°C/39°F
Sunshine: 10%
Freezing level: 1600
01.04.2015 - Wednesday
Temparature: 2°C/36°F
Sunshine: 30%
Freezing level: 1200
02.04.2015 - Thursday
Temparature: 2°C/36°F
Sunshine: 10%
Freezing level: 1600
Temparature: ↓
Sunshine: →
Freezing level: ↓


At the moment, we are experiencing quite unsettled weather! Tuesday will again bring heavy cloud. From midday, it will cloud over and start to rain heavily. It will be windy.


The influence of this area of low pressure on our weather will remain the same during the next few days. The weather will stay unstable.


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