City of Salzburg
Make an magnificent trip to the world cultural heritage site Salzburg! Spend a day or more to explore the city and its numerous sights.

Guided city tours:
Daily except Sundays - 12.15pm
Information at Mozartplatz (duration 1 h)
PARK&RIDE - System in Salzburg!

Salzburg fortresses and castles
In the land of fortresses and castles.
Four historic examples of architecture in Salzburg and its surrounding invite the adventure hungry and the ones interested in culture to an impressive journey into the past.

Culture in Bruck with BruckKultur
bruckKultur was founded in 1997 on an initiative of an proponent committee. 
The goal of this association is to promote and enrich the cultural life in Bruck though creativity and art.
We make an effort to offer several different activities per year.

Local costume music band Bruck
Be assured of the quality of the musicians of Bruck! Do not miss out on their summer concerts.

Local costume music band St. Georgen

Let yourself be taken into the world of music. 
Enjoy the homepage of the local costume music band St. Georgen with details on members and music. 


Local costume music band Fusch
A enges Tag mitten im Gebirg, wo die Straß´n zum Glockner hinführt.
Da bin i dahoam, da bin i gern.....(native song of Fusch)
The local costume music group was founded 100 years ago.
During summer time there are weekly concerts.
enjoy the homepage of the local costume music band Fusch.

Framers' Autumn
Various traditions do not only please the native's heart but especially the heart of our guests in Bruck and Fusch. At the Farmers' Autumn we will show you how one lives, dances, sings, eats, plays and purely enjoys life. Festivities: Bringing back down the cows from the pasture, farm celebrations and old-timer tractor world championship.
Celebrate with us!